Sixteen years ago, Clifton Collins Jr. had his first movie role as "Carlos' Friend #2" in Lawrence Kasdan's Grand Canyon -- and it wasn't his last numero dos role. He was also "Vato #2" in Menace II Society and "Jarhead #2" in One Tough Bastard. Since those days, he's moved out of the number realm with a lot of side-work in high profile movies like Traffic, Capote and Babel. But personally, I always remember him from his crazy drug-dealing Rupert Guest from The Rules of Attraction. Having just wrapped some films like Sunshine Cleaning, he's now got some starring nibbles with the true, feel-good story about Mexican Little League all-stars called The Perfect Game.

Collins is getting to go beyond his ne'er-do-well acting chops by leading the film as Cesar Faz, a baseball player who returns to Mexico after being defeated by racism in the Major Leagues. There, he becomes coach of a youth team and ends up leading them to the Little League World Series in 1957, where they won 4-0 over La Mesa, California. The baseball feature is being directed by William Dear, the man behind Harry and the Hendersons and Angels in the Outfield, from a script by W. William Winokur. The Mexico shoots have been completed, and the production will begin filming in Los Angeles on June 15 with a supporting cast of: Cheech Marin, Emilie de Ravin, Lou Gossett Jr., Bruce McGill and Patricia Manterola. As for the kids, they include Nacho Libre youngin' Moises Arias and invincible hero Hayden Panettiere's younger brother, Jansen.
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