Would you have enjoyed a Howard Stern voice cameo in next month's Transformers flick? Well, apparently it almost happened -- until Mr. Stern's agent got involved. (Personally I think it's a really lame idea, but I guess that's why I'm not currently Vice President of Gimmick Casting over at Paramount.) Stern's fans will just have to be satisfied with the guy's 35 hours of weekly radio time while waiting for his long-discussed Porky's remake to hit the screens.

Slashfilm.com has the transcripts of Stern's radio show, but the gist is basically this: He was allegedly asked if he wanted to provide some words for the character of Soundwave, a little radio that transforms into other things. Stern's first reaction was "hey, cool," but this his agent stepped in and said something like "that's way too skimpy a role for someone of your cultural stature!" (I'm guessing.) No word yet on who they hired to voice poor, unloved Soundwave.

The source does ask one compelling question: Why was Stern contacted in May for a movie that's opening in July? Aha! Some commenters at Slashfilm make an interesting point: It's more likely that Stern was asked if it was OK for his voice to be used when Soundwave kicks on. Like a brief snippet of an old Stern broadcast, most likely. Well, either way, it's not happening.
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