I had a ball watching The King of Kong at a mega-packed SXSW screening last March, and I even commented to one of the filmmakers about how amusing a "fictional" movie his documentary would make. He told me that the wheels were already turning in that department, and now we have some further news to share. According to Variety, New Line has hired actor / screenwriter Michael Bacall to turn Seth Gordon's human interest doco into a "fictional" feature film. (He wrote the little-seen but not half-bad Bookies.) So if you'd like to sit down and compare the fact-based documentary next to the "jazzed up" comedy version, you'll be able to do just that in a year or two.

For those new to the Kong thing, it's the story of video game one-upmanship that's as entertaining as it is absurd. Mr. Bacall has a lot to work with here: The history of video games, the trivial-yet-passionate competition and a whole bunch of colorfully geeky characters. Picturehouse will be releasing The King of Kong (now with the unnecessary subtitle A Fistful of Quarters) later this year, and New Line looks to be on the fast-track with the make-believe version. Mr. Gordon has been invited to direct this version as well, so that's a good thing. And for those who think Donkey Kong is a silly thing to compete over, I have just one word for you: Golf.