Wednesday night, a British television channel is going to defy the wishes of Prince William and Prince Harry by showing photographs of Princess Diana's car crash moments after it happened. This is part of a documentary that Channel 4 television will air called Diana: The Witness in the Tunnel. The princes believe the act to be grossly disrespectful and their private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, has said in a note: "If it were your or my mother dying in that tunnel, would we want the scene broadcast to nation?" But this has not deterred the station, and the head of the channel, Julian Bellamy says: "We have weighed the princes' concerns against the legitimate public interest we believe there is in the subject of this documentary and in the still photography it includes."

With this reaction, I would imagine that those images must be pretty risque; however, the channel says: "We acknowledge that there is great public sensitivity surrounding pictures of the victims and these have not been included. Some photographs will be of the scene inside the tunnel, but in none of the pictures is it possible to identify Diana or indeed any of the crash victims." Honestly, I'm not sure what these pictures show that have upset the royal offspring so much -- you can find lots of pictures of the car crash online, and even a close-up of Diana surrounded by response teams. So, the royal family could be spot-on in their angered response that Lowther-Pinkerton says will "cause the princes acute distress," or it could be a big kerfuffle for nothing. It might be the latter, since a number of other sources say that there are graphic images of her dying, that her face is just blanked out, etcetera, even though the channel has said none of that will be shown. If you're in the U.K. and see the documentary, let us know if the clips are worth the fuss.
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