family guyI'm sure there's a ton of you disgruntled Simpsons fans out there who hate Family Guy because, as you see it, the show steals everything from Springfield. That may be the case (and some go to great lengths to prove this theory), however, I happen to be one of those guys who digs both shows. Yup, I love The Simpsons AND Family Guy! Shoot me now! Here's where you begin to wonder why I'm writing about Family Guy on Cinematical? Well, apparently the show will open their next season with a one-hour episode based solely on the original Star Wars film. With George Lucas' blessing, series creator Seth MacFarlane and his band of merry morons have re-created the flick using Family Guy characters. Freakin' sweet!

Our siblings over at TV Squad have uncovered a video that was shown to fans at last month's Celebration IV Star Wars convention which includes ten minutes of footage from the episode. Divided into three clips (opening attack on Princess Leia's ship, rescuing Leia from the Death Star and escaping the Death Star), it looks like everyone involved had a blast with this one. I don't want to give away too many of the jokes (for those who would rather wait to see it), but you'll notice a couple nods to Mel Brooks' Spaceballs; one of which jumps right out during the opening shot. Fun stuff. Family Guy isn't the only show spoofing Star Wars this year; Robot Chicken will also have some Star Wars fun in a special that will air June 17 and include both Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker) and George Lucas (as himself). Is it just me, or is Lucas finally letting his guard down a bit? Seeing as MacFarlane and Seth Green are heavily involved in both shows, I imagine both deals went down on or around the same time. Hmm, or maybe MacFarlane is stealing from his best pal this time? Or maybe Green is stealing from MacFarlane? Or maybe I couldn't care less. I've included the video after the jump. Enjoy!

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