One of the hot documentary topics rolling around right now is Rock 'n' Roll. Just this year, Ryan Stewart reviewed Air Guitar Nation, which covers folks who head to the world finals to rock the air instead of instruments, and last month, I reviewed Girls Rock!, which detailed spunky tykes at a rockin' camp who would spend a week of their summer creating and performing original music. Another in the long doc list is Young@Heart, which shows old folks touring around and performing popular pop/rock music. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the doc has been picked up by Working Title Films to be adapted into a feature.

Now, the original documentary is about senior citizens from New England who defy age by going on tour and covering rock and pop songs (the most recent showcase included The Clash, Coldplay, Talking Heads and Jimi Hendrix). With an average age of 80, nothing seems to stop these people. You can even check some of them out over on YouTube -- there's a man performing Fix You by Coldplay with a little tank of air by his side, and a flipping great performance by the old peeps of Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth. As for the adaptation, it's only in its beginning stages -- Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner will produce along with the doc's filmmaker Stephen Walker and producer Sally George. There is no director or screenwriter secured yet. This could be a pretty fun movie, and I can only hope that this will start a trend that will continue on to see young girl rockers on the mainstream screen. In the interim, if you want to see some white-haired, wild singing, Young@Heart will be screened at the LA Film Festival which runs from June 21-July 1.
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