A few months back I shared (with much amusement) the news that the Transmorphers were scheduled to be released from The Asylum just in time to ride the massive global wake of Michael Bay'sTransformers ... and now we have a trailer to share! (The Asylum, as you no doubt remember, is the production company that gave you The Da Vinci Treasure, Pirates of Treasure Island and the legendary Snakes on a Train. Up next: Universal Soldiers, Aliens vs. Hunters and Invasion of the Pod People!)

Click right here to enjoy all the low-budget and shamelessly "borrowed" stylings of Leigh Scott'sTransmorphers -- which actually kinda looks like fun, if you ask me. (Then again, Mr. Scott's Hillside Cannibals, Dragon and The Hitchhiker also looked "kinda fun." Well, maybe not ... the DVD cover art was nifty, anyway.) Provided the Asylum guys don't skimp on the action, I can forgive some semi-sketchy special effects. Looks like Transmorphers (starring Matthew Wolf, Amy Weber and Eliza Swenson) is scheduled to hit video stores on June 26. So THAT explains why Paramount decided to bump Transformers up and day and a half! I knew there had to be a reason! Poor Michael Bay must be shaking in his gold-lined boots.

But back to the trailer. Thoughts? Comments? Lawsuits?

[ Thanks to Film Ick for the heads up. ]
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