What is it with Clive Owen and his fiercely protective behavior around babies? First he was charged with saving the future of humanity in the brilliant Children of Men, and now he's forced to protect a newborn from a feral Paul Giamatti and what looks like more gun-totin' villains than Crank, Running Scared and Smokin' Aces put together. Oh yeah, and Monica Bellucci is involved! Sold!

Click right here to enjoy the maniacally kinetic trailer for Michael Davis'Shoot 'Em Up. It's obviously a hyper-nutty action flick in the vein of the movies mentioned above, which means it's already high on my Must See list. Attentive movie geeks may remember Michael Davis from low-budgeters like Monster Man, 100 Girls and 100 Women. (They're two different movies.) The IMDb indicates that New Line will be unleashing this one on September 7, which would put it up against a few comedies (The Brothers Solomon, The Nanny Diaries, The Savages) and the long-awaited Hatchet.

Apparently the movie's about nothing more than an ultra-tough Brit who stands in the way of a ruthless hitman and his innocent prey. Good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, so it looks mindless. Forgive me for enjoying the hell out of Clive Owen's bad-ass mode, Paul Giamatti cackling like a lunatic and the obvious assets of Ms. Bellucci.