Although that might not be the name you were hoping for, at least it's not Brett Ratner. In fact, in this latest round of Wolverine rumors, Ratner's name is nowhere to be found -- instead, IESB reports that Fox is currently in talks with D.J Caruso to helm the Wolverine spin-off flick. Caruso, as most of you may know, helmed the box office hit Disturbia and recently appeared as a guest judge on the reality show On the Lot. (Don't even get me started on that show; by the time it's all said and done, it will probably change its format another 20 times. And seeing as Caruso replaced Ratner as a judge during the show's opening episodes, wouldn't it be funny if the same thing happened with Wolverine?). I'm not too familiar with Caruso's comic book background, but he did direct one episode of Smallville. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

Another name floating around IESB headquarters seems to be that of director Len Wiseman. He, of course, helmed the upcoming Live Free or Die Hard, and if that film kicks a ton of ass at the box office, he may quickly climb to the top of everyone's Wolverine wishlist. He also has two Underworldflicks under his belt, with an Underworld prequel also in the works, so it would probably make more sense, prequel-wise, to have him in there over Caruso. Since the story of this film is set before the X-Men movies, I imagine it will have a completely different look and feel -- one that warrants a new face behind the camera. Frankly, both Caruso and Wiseman would be good choices; one brings mood (Caruso), while the other brings action (Wiseman). What do you think of the two men currently on Fox's plate? Who would you choose?

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