You might think landing a gig as director of the next James Bond film and being part of one of the greatest and most successful franchises of all time would be a dream job most directors would kill, or at the very least maim for. Well, if you do think that, you would be wrong because there's at least one director out there who isn't concerned about those kinds of things. In fact, he actually had the job then decided it wasn't for him and dropped out. Who is this seemingly crazy director? His name is Roger Michell and no, he's not crazy -- he's an artist.

According to an article at The Times Online, Michell, whose previous films include Notting Hilland several others, including two with Bond star Daniel Craig, was the producers' first choice to direct the sequel to the super-successful Casino Royale. He was in active pre-production on the film until late last year when, according to Michell, he realized that the job wasn't really for him after all. "It was because in the end I didn't feel comfortable with the Bond process, and I was very nervous that there was a start date but really no script at all. And I like to be very well prepared as a director," said Michell.

Michell was also concerned that he was doing the film for all the wrong reasons. "I'd be doing it for my friendship with Daniel Craig. I'd be doing it for the money. And not really because I yearned to do it, " said the director. Wow, someone who actually values the filmmaking process is concerned about quality and isn't just in it for the money? I don't really know what to say about that. Too often it's so obviously the opposite -- people doing films explicitly for the money and seemingly not giving any thought to quality at all. I sure hope Michell's decision starts a trend in Hollywood. If so, maybe there's still a chance to save the movie business from itself.

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