The 8th International Indian Film Academy Awards will be presented in the UK this Saturday, June 9. Only the Popular Categories, chosen by the public, will be announced on Saturday because the winners of the Technical Categories have already been selected and announced. It's a brilliant stroke by the IIFA: who cares about the hard-working people behind the camera, let's bring on the glamour! (*Sigh*) I feel bad that the cinematographers, editors, art directors, costume designers and other behind-the-camera talent have been shunted aside, but I suppose that's the way of movie industries all over the world. Fortunately, Andre Soares has a complete list of the Popular nominees and Technical winners. Of the 12 winners in the Technical Categories, Paint It Yellow (Rang De Basanti) snared seven. Soares feels that Paint It Yellow is "the odds-on favorite to sweep the awards."

When Paint It Yellow came out in January 2006, Vijay Venkataramanan of Planet Bollywood said it had an "original, refreshing concept" that marked "a progressive leap for the Hindi film industry." Other nominees for Best Picture include D:2 - Back in Action (Dhoom 2), Never Say Goodbye (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna), There's No One Like You (Krrish), Lage Raho Munnabhai and Vivah. I'll admit that I know next to nothing about Indian films, due to some extent to my own preconceptions. But a friend's contagious enthusiasm made my check out D:2 - Back in Action, which struck me as an exceptionally entertaining action adventure yarn about a jewel thief and his mates; giddily self-aware of its inherent silliness, it simply bowled me over. Are there any Indian film fans out there who can comment on their favorites from the past year or so? Are the nominees on target, or are they nuts?
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