I loved Will Ferrell's Stranger Than Fiction. When I saw it, the only thing that bummed me out was the lack of air time between Professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) and writer Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson). There's just something about a man who entertains the notion of being realistically stuck in a novel, and a woman who sits in the rain imagining her character's death, while obsessively puffing away at her smoke, that makes the pair seem like romantic kismet. If you agree, you'll probably be happy to hear that they're pairing up for an upcoming dramatic romance called Last Chance Harvey -- and no, this isn't a big rabbit Harvey sequel.

According to Variety, the project is the creation of Joel Hopkins, who won a BAFTA award with producer Nicola Usborne for the 2001 indie film, Jump Tomorrow. Hopkins penned the script with both actors in mind and will direct them in the world where an unlucky man attends his daughter's wedding in London and "finds an unlikely female companion." I can only hope that within that drama, some of the quirk and humor that both actors are so perfect at shines through. So, I'm banking on that "unlikely" bit being something cinematically tasty. The movie will begin filming this September in London, as the latest project for the recently-launched Overture -- who is also cooking up Ferris Wheel with Charlize Theron, 105 Degrees and Rising and Mad Money, which stars Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes.
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