Is there anything funnier than taking a kid, especially one who is having a rough or sluggish go of things, and put him in an unreal situation? Or, better yet, make him a child prodigy, an every-man's Doogie Howser? Well, probably, but we still seem to eat these things up with a spoon. The latest in the thrush: the story of a high school slacker who needs something extra-curricular for his college applications. Instead of joining a club, helping senior citizens or the usual teen activities, he decides that he will run for mayor. Of course, since this is the land of cinema and surprise, he wins.

The Hollywood Reporter says that "he realizes that getting into college was the easy part," but I wonder if that should be "becoming mayor was the easy part" since the plot is only talking about his application, not admission. Then again, the kid could have to deal with mayoral duties from college, so we'll see. Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse are currently writing the script for Ken Kwapis to direct. Kwapis has helmed a bunch of television episodes from Freaks and Geeks to The Bernie Mac Show, and he's also the guy behind He Said, She Said and The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. Although it will probably be a while before this project gets really up and running, you can see his work in the upcoming License to Wed -- that weird comedy with Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and John Krasinski.
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