In all the remakes, re-imaginings and other groan-worthy Hollywood ideas, Alfred E. Neuman has existed relatively safe -- except for the one big flop Up the Academy, which was so embarrassing for Mad that they got all references to the magazine and the cameo from Al to be removed from future releases. While the upcoming film isn't specifically on Neuman or Mad, the big man behind it all is getting his chance at the spotlight -- Iron Mountain Media has secured the life rights to late EC Comics publisher William M. Gaines.

The publisher, who passed away just over 15 years ago on June 3, 1992, was the head of EC and brought a number of horror, sci-fi and fantasy titles to newsstands including, of course, Mad, as well as Tales from the Crypt and Weird Science. Titled Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines, the movie is coming from the pen of Joel Eisenberg (from Iron Mountain), and will detail his life once he stepped into the publishing world. (Previously, he had been in the army, and then a chemistry student.) Ghoulishly will specifically focus on the "anti-establishment group of comic book creators, led by a reluctant Gaines, as they produce their controversial yet hugely popular line of comic books like Crypt, which later led Gaines to face Senate subcommittee hearings over accusations of perpetuating juvenile delinquency." Considering the fact that Eisenberg's last penned feature was Hollywood Vampyr, I imagine that this will be a quirky sort of film, but I'm not sure if it will be the good quirk. Perhaps he will gear up with some Crumb.
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