Menno Meyjes is not only back, but he's making a big splash of things. If you don't think you're familiar with his work -- you are to some degree. He's the guy who adapted The Color Purple, his pen had a hand in Empire of the Sun and he helped George Lucas come up with the story for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He also helped create the story for Ricochet, but I doubt that's as recognizable to you. Me, I am ever-thankful because it saved me from Tom Berenger's Shattered -- the only movie I ever walked out of. Although Meyjes has been out of the spotlight, he is now in post-production on Manolete -- an Adrien Brody/Penélope Cruz film that Martha mentioned last year. Now he wants to use the same format -- U.S. actor and foreign woman -- and move the drama over a little bit to the west.

After heating up with Spanish bullfights, Meyjes is cooling off with some Viking action. Variety has reported that the Dutch, U.K.-based writer/director is now working on Last Battle Dreamer. Set in 9th century England, the film will be the love story between an invading Viking and an English noblewoman. He wants to cast an American as the Viking (Brad Pitt?), and a British actress as the noblewoman. According to Meyjes: "When I moved to England 10 years ago, I was struck by the countryside, how verdant it was and how tempting it must have appeared to invaders, what a ripe piece of fruit it was." Yes, I'm sure there will be "ripe fruit" in the film. Anyway, he continues: "I thought it would be amazing to do a film about a guy who comes from a barren, flinty landscape, and who falls in love with a woman and at the same time with a certain idea of civilization." Now, I already wondered about Brad Pitt in the role, since he wants an American star (otherwise, there are lots of Swedes who would, funnily enough, make good Vikings), but is there anyone else you have in mind? Perhaps Jason Lewis, as he's the right look, but he's probably not enough of a star. And who for the English noblewoman?
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