If you're a huge fan of direct-to-video sequels like The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, Bring It On Again and Walking Tall: The Payback, DavisDVD.com has a DTV update that'll have you salivating all over your remote control. Get a load at what the various studios have in store for the video store market:

Universal has Curious George: Monkey on the Run and Bring It On: In It to Win It (which may very well be the stupidest movie title I've ever seen) in production, which is a good thing because I was just dying to know what happens after Bring It On: All or Nothing!

From Fox we're getting Wrong Turn 2 in October, and early next year it's Bachelor Party 2, Garfield Gets Real and Lake Placid 2, which already played on the Sci-Fi Channel so I have no idea why they'd hold it until next year. Plus it stinks either way.

Warner Bros.
still has that Return to House on Haunted Hill flick on the way, plus they're currently working on A Dennis the Menace Christmas (ugh), The Lost Boys 2 and something called Get Smarter: Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control, which will be a spin-off semi-sequel to the studio's Get Smart adaptation that stars Steve Carell. (Got all that?)

And get New Line: Apparently they think the world is clamoring for low-budget pseudo-sequels to 8 Seconds, Undisputed (a third one??), The Players Club, Friday, Cellular and Havoc. Really? Havoc? Wow, that's ... people only rented it for the Anne Hathaway nudity, y'know.

Apparently Paramount's not playing along with the DTV sequel game. Good for them. And the company that started it all (Disney, of course) has Tinkerbell scheduled for next fall.)
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