Someone recently sent Aint It a new test screening review of The Invasion, and the review is pretty gracious, finding the film surprisingly good in comparison to what we have been hearing. For those who don't yet know, The Invasion is a modern updating of America's Red Scare classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig star as those left to battle against pod people after a spaceship explosion. Unlike the original, however, the infectious spores are not contained within one city but have managed to spread themselves throughout the entire planet.

Craig plays a doctor alongside Jeffrey Wright, my favorite actor, which gives me all the more reason to see the film. Together, they try to create a serum and find a way to stop the infection from spreading and destroying humanity as we know it. My favorite part of Opi's review gives some kudos to the actors, as opposed to the CGI explosions or special effects pod people. He likes the actors' choices and claims that it's Kidman, Wright, Craig and the rest of the ensemble that makes the film so thrilling and often terrifying to watch.

The one unfortunate revelation is the apparent lack of chemistry between Kidman and Craig. This isn't the first time, with Kidman -- does anyone remember a sparks deficiency between Kidman and Jude Law in Cold Mountain? That happened to be the worst part of that film, especially since the storyline revolved around their romance! Chemistry or not, Opi's verdict is that The Invasion is every bit worth seeing. And if not, take someone extra jumpy with you so you can at least get a good laugh out of watching your friend, lover, enemy -- whoever you go to the movies with -- wiggle in their seat.
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