I know it's probably considered "corny" to still be a big fan of The Blair Witch Project, but I don't care: I still think it's a pretty excellent horror film. Definitely not a flick with a lot of "replay value," but it's a pretty effective little micro-budget chiller anyway. I couldn't care less about the old marketing campaign or the "shaky cam" presentation; the movie just works for me. Having said that, I'm also of the opinion that the sequel (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) was a certifiable junk-pile that actually made me want to kick someone.

So I don't exactly know how to feel about BWP co-director Daniel Myrick's plans for a new prequel. The property is now a Lionsgate asset, which means they'd have to want another Blair Witch flick, but Mr. Myrick does have some ideas in mind. Here's what he told Bloody-Disgusting.com from the set of his Believers: "Well, our idea for the prequel isn't realizing any manifestation of the witch itself, it just delves into the mythology of the witch itself. How the legend got started, and arguably whether it was true or not ... I think it's important to always maintain that ambiguity, whether the legend is a supernatural force in the woods, or if it is all in people's minds. I think most boogeymen are just that, a little bit of both."

It doesn't look like Lionsgate is really interested in mounting a Blair Witch prequel, but hey, they release a whole lot of direct-to-video garbage, so maybe a small investment on Myrick's idea isn't such a rotten idea. (It couldn't be worse than Book of Shadows. Seriously.) The other BWP co-director, Eduardo Sanchez, recently helmed a flick called Altered that's presently sitting on the DVD shelves.
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