In the sixties, and again in 2004 with a re-imagining, The Manchurian Candidate was the pre-Jason Bourne brainwashed movie. Based on the thriller novel by Richard Condon, Candidate revolved around some men and their platoon who are captured during the Korean War. They're all brainwashed to believe that one, Shaw, is a hero, but the facade begins to fail when a few have the same recurring dream -- that he killed two of his own. A similar idea is now cooking up over a DreamWorks called Tester.

The creation of new scribe Colin Trevorrow, Tester is about a young war vet in the throes of post-traumatic stress disorder. He's "recruited for a secret clinical trial that promises to cure his symptoms. He soon discovers that the chip implanted in his brain is not medicine -- it is advanced neurotechnology designed to control his body as a weapon of war." Interesting, but I can't help but think that Trevorrow must be a The Venture Bros. fan and has seen Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? It's got the national hero-turned VP candidate and brain chips. If this comes out and there's Abe Lincoln wrapped in money, I'm going to get very suspicious. Anyhow, this is the scribe's second big-company project after graduating from NYU Film School -- he's also working on his first television project -- Gary: Under Crisis.
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