I had the lucky fortune to attend a Battlestar Galactica event in Los Angeles tonight, but the one explosive shell to come out of it was Edward James Olmos really putting the screws to Harrison Ford over Blade Runner.

According to Olmos, "Blade Runner was supposed to have sequels." Thankfully he doesn't mean the god-awful "Blade Runner 2" novel (and subsequent series of books) that was written years after the first film, but my geeky brain really wishes we would've seen those sequels. Why didn't we?

Olmos tossed down the gauntlet and then did the fandango on top of it by telling us all, "Blade Runner failed because of Harrison Ford." Whoa! I felt like I'd been slapped across the face when I heard that one, and then I checked to make sure I was awake. He went on to explain that since Harrison's fans had seen him in the Star Wars movies, and as Indiana Jones, they'd come to expect a certain type of performance from him. When they saw him in Blade Runner in a role that "required him to think a lot, his fans threw up all over it."

Wow. Now, it can't be argued that Blade Runner wasn't a box office failure, because it was. However, it's become such a cult classic, and a favorite of both science fiction and Harrison Ford fans, that Olmos' words seem pretty inflammatory. I guess Blade Runner 2 is really off the horizon now. Think this'll be a DVD extra?
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