Ok, raise your hand if you've never seen the video Lazy Sunday starring Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell? If you have your hand up now, please go immediately over to YouTube and watch the hilarious video and then return here and continue reading. Why am I telling you to watch this video? Because if you do, you will get a glimpse of the comedic genius that is Andy Samberg. In that video and his other more recent work, Samberg's comedic talent is very apparent and obviuosly shows that he has the potential to be one of the next big comedy superstars.

To help illustrate my point, over at IGN they've dropped a trailer for his upcoming comedy Hot Rod, in which Samberg co-stars with Arrested Development'sWill Arnett as a wanna-be stuntman performing an ever increasingly dangerous array of wild stunts in order to get enough money to pay for his step-father's heart operation. Over at the sight, they feature the latest trailer (in glorious HD no less) as well as the previous teaser, several stills from the film and the current poster. Among the bits shown in the new trailer are several scenes of Samberg showing off his stuntman prowess (such as it is), a training sequence featuring the great Ian McShane as his step-father and the big final stunt where Samberg's character is poised to jump a row of buses in order to get the money he needs.

After watching this brand new trailer, I'm even more convinced about Samberg and his talent. Say whatever you wish about the film after looking at the trailer, but I'm backing Samberg all the way. In fact, I'm predicting right now that he will be a huge comedy star in a very short time. He's got the chops and isn't afraid of looking stupid for the sake of being funny. Remember people, you heard it here first. Further proof will be evident when Hot Rod opens August 3rd.