I can't be the only who is just a little disappointed with the first poster for the vampire-apocalypse flick I Am Legend. ComingSoon.net is hosting a first look at the poster that, for me, falls just a little flat -- especially since the cover of the book gave me the willies when it was laying on my coffee table. The film, based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, has been a high-profile project for Warner Bros since back when rumors had Johnny Depp in talks for the villainous lead. Since then, we've had word that Depp is no longer in the running and some fans of the book still aren't convinced that action star Will Smith can carry it off alone -- hey, it could've been worse, the project was originally made for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The film centers on Smith's character, who as the sole survivor of a "vampire" plague, battles it out in Omega Man style. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the project has been playing casting musical chairs for a while, but we finally have a confirmed cast that includes Alice Braga as a fellow survivor, and Salli Richardson as Smith's wife Ginny. There has been talk that a trailer will make an appearance in front of Ocean's 13, when that film hits screens this Friday -- and, as always, we'll keep the updates coming until December 14 when Legend hits theaters.
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