It's been five years for John McTiernan, but it looks like the Die Hard director has finally decided to jump back in the ring for a few more rounds. We recently told you how the guy had signed on to helm the action-heavy Run (a film that, apparently, sports "100 pages of car chases"), and now the Hollywood Reporter tells us McTiernan won't stop there. Nope, he's just been tapped to helm the Las Vegas action thriller High Stakes for Persistant Pictures and Velvet Octopus. Hmm, should we expect 100 pages of card chases then (zing!)?

Written by Ronnie Christensen, story is set in Vegas and revolves around two friends who find themselves up sh*ts creek without a paddle when they realize that they've become the living collateral of a high-stakes bet. I'm not sure whether they're the ones who made the bet without collateral (making it so their lives are in danger once it's revealed they can't pay up), or if someone is actually using them as collateral. That would be odd. "What are you using for collateral?" "Oh, I have this guy Steve and his friend Chuck. Yeah, if I lose and can't pay, just take them." With Matt Rhodes producing, pic is scheduled to head into production this fall. McTiernan's last two big-screen efforts (Basic, Rollerball) barely made a dent in my memory, but I'm a big fan of some of his other flicks (especially the two Die Hard films, Predator and, yes, even Last Action Hero). He'll have a couple shots to prove he's still got it, or else I have a feeling his next leave of absence might be a tad longer than five years.

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