Everyone's favorite Keds advertiser is about to fly her shoes to Moscow. Mischa Barton -- The O.C.'s lead high school darling -- has just signed on to star in Finding t.A.T.u. The film is a drama about a young, American woman coming of age in Russia, where loneliness sparks a friendship with a native Russian teenager with similar interests.

It will be adapted to the screen from the book, t.A.Tu come back by the novelist A. Mitrofanov. The book tells the story of two young women who fall in love after meeting at a concert by the Russian pop group t.A.T.u. The group is a real pop duo, created in Russia under the guise of the two having a lesbian relationship. In reality, it was simply a theatrical ploy to create fame. The stunt worked and the band now has quite a following in Russia -- the unofficial website of the group trumpets the dedicated fan base. The film is expected to closely follow the book, although exactly how much is unclear.

Barton's time was mostly committed to The O.C. until the beginning of this year, but she's already completed four films and has also recently announced Malice in Sunderland -- an Alice in Wonderland set in today's England. Roland Joffe who is most recently responsible for Captivity and perhaps my favorite entry on his resume, Super Mario Brothers, will direct Finding t.A.T.u. Nothing like John Leguizamo as Luigi -- gotta love it. Filming on Finding t.A.T.u starts at the end of June.
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