While I have to give Stan Lee props for making me Incredible Hulk-obsessed in the 80's, my favorite bit of Lee will always be his stint in Mallrats. Lee vs. Lee. I mean, how many old names out there would have a melodramatic talk about love and superhero genitalia with Banky? The Spider-Man creator has just signed on the dotted line for a new collection of projects, and while I'm sure genitals won't be on the docket, it sounds pretty cool to me -- Disney has made a deal with Lee and his POW! Entertainment for a multi-year contract for the epic creator "to develop and produce all forms of entertainment for Disney divisions."

What's fresh about this concept is that he won't be rehashing the worlds of his previous, Marvel-owned creations -- the Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and Daredevil. Instead, he is going to develop a bunch of new and original projects -- for movies, television, DVD and publishing. Lee says: "I can only say we're working on a number of things, and the one common denominator is they're all high-concept projects, and hopefully, they'll all lend themselves to being great franchises. Also, they're all going to be new and original. The whole purpose is to come up with new things, and Marvel owns the old characters anyway. That's what makes it fun for me; if it was just resuscitating old things, I wouldn't have been that interested." In our ever-spinning sea of remakes and sequels, it's pretty cool to hear that anyone is dedicated to new creations. At the ripe age of 84, do you think Lee has got it in him?
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