When you mention the name Tyler Perry around Lionsgate Films, dollar bills begin to immediately fall from the sky. Of course, that's fictitious, but Perry's worth to the Lionsgate empire is magnificent. The first three films Perry conceptualized, wrote and directed made the company over $200 million in box office sales and their worth in DVD sales is in the millions as well. It only makes sense then that Perry would be given the opportunity to film his fifth project with Lionsgate called Meet the Browns.

Meet the Browns was originally a play written by Perry that is similar thematically to his previous films. A single mom, understandably exhausted both with family life and a hope for something greater, is rejuvenated by meeting the father she never had. After finding her father, she spends quality time with him and his joyous, high-spirited family, thus obtaining a newer understanding of her own life. The storyline sounds sweet and inspiring, especially for those enduring the same struggles.

Tyler Perry created Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion, and most recently Daddy's Little Girls starring Gabrielle Union -- another single parent, family-themed film that raked in audience members last February. (Granted, not as many people showed up for that one as they did for his previous big-screen efforts, but that's not stopping Lionsgate from taking more and more chances on the man.)

Clearly, Perry is an inspiration to those seeking success in doing what they do best. Perry's love for writing and connecting with the souls of his audience members is clear. Those qualities attribute to much of his success as a playwright and also helped him acquire his own film studio in Atlanta. His strong character driven storylines about overcoming the odds also relate beyond skin tone and gender, and are purely uplifting for all. Meet the Browns will start filming this summer as Lionsgate hopes to promptly release it after his fourth film with them, Why Did I Get Married?
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