Here's something you don't see everyday: Participant Prods. is teaming up with Broken Lizard producers Jay Chandrasekhar and Julia Dray on a new comedy called Taildraggers. For those who aren't familiar with Participant Prods., that's like saying Al Gore decided to co-direct a film with the Jackass boys. Participant, who's known more for their politically and environmentally aware films (Syriana, An Inconvenient Truth, Fast Food Nation) is making this their first geared toward a younger audience. That's not to say Taildraggers won't come with a friendly message attached; in fact, part of the plot includes uncovering "a plan to dig oil from the Alaskan nature preserve."

After playing Super Troopers,hedonistic swingers and competitive beer drinkers, it appears at least one Lizard will this time take on "a small Alaskan airline who face a bitter rivalry with a local taxi company." Man, we must be talking about one small airline if their biggest rival are a bunch of taxis. Unlike their previous films, however, Taildraggers will be written by Will Gluck, and not the entire Lizard team. In fact, I don't even know who that is. No word yet on whether the rest of the clan (Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske) will be involved, but since none of them are mentioned, it seems Taildraggers will be more like a Liz production, then something put out by the entire Lizard crew. No word on a director or a start date, but if Chandrasekhar decided to step behind the camera, then look for some of his good pals to show up and lend a hand.

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