Hollywood is one of those places where things happen -- movies become big hits, actors become huge stars or directors take on certain projects -- that I sometimes just don't quite understand and can't really explain. Maybe it's because I am, for the most part, not inside the studio system and basically on the outside looking in. One of the things I don't get today and can't quite explain is someone like Martin Campbell not signing up for another go-around as director of the next James Bond film -- at the moment known as Bond 22.

According to Variety, Campbell, whose other directorial efforts include GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro and one of my favorite guilty pleasures, No Escape, will not be taking the reigns of Bond 22 as his next project. Instead, he is in talks to direct the action-thriller Unstoppable for 20th Century Fox and producers Julie Yorn and Mimi Rogers. The film, said to be on the "fast track" at Fox, is scripted by Live Free or Die Hard vet Mark Bomback and tells the story of a train engineer and his conductor in a race against time to stop a runaway train filled with toxic chemicals before it derails and takes out a town. Ok, I guess that sounds better than another Bond film. Although, given that other directors have decided not to do Bond 22, including Roger Mitchell (which I told you about before), perhaps there's something negative about the project that's influencing their decisions?

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