Robert Rodriguez and Frank Millercollaborated on, in my humble opinion, the best-ever adaptation of a Miller work -- Sin City (Although admittedly, I didn't see Elektra, so don't hold me to that!) Sin City did pretty well at the box office, and critics and audiences loved it. You'd think the powers that be would be thrilled to have a sequel in production. Alas, that doesn't seem to be the case. There's been much talk lately that Sin City 2 has been officially delayed, and some are saying it might not even happen. The sequel, an adaptation of Miller's A Dame to KillFor and a prequel to The Big Fat Kill, has been pushed back due to Miller's gig directingThe Spirit and Rodriguez's planned remake of Barbarella. Miller is pretty sick of waiting, telling "Robert (Rodriguez) and I have a script and we're all raring to go. We're aching to get started. I want to work with that crew again ... that wonderful cast."

Miller says "There was just some problems above us that I don't understand ... that I don't really want to understand." Still, Miller insists Sin City 2 is happening, and that he fully expects a Sin City 3 as well. Rodriguez has said the third film will focus on Miller's Hell and Back, about a hallucinating artist named Wallace -- a role that has repeatedly been linked to everyone's favorite pirate Johnny Depp. "I ain't talking cast until we're actually shooting or close to it!" says Miller, but the article makes it seem like Depp is a definite ace in Miller's sleeve. I sure hope we get a couple more of these flicks, because I thought Sin City was awesome. It took me a second viewing to come to that conclusion, but that is where I now stand, in case you are interested. From a nudity standpoint alone, the movie deserves two ... no, three thumbs up. Carla Gugino, if you're reading this -- wanna go out for a burger or something? Or get married?

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