Not yet, sweetheart. Variety tells us this morning that Steve Miner has been tapped by Millennium Films to direct Jessica Simpson in Major Movie Star, a film that will have her playing yet another dumb blonde. Are these the only roles she can get? Or is she specifically looking to play up the "I'm an idiot" angle just like she did on that reality television show? The production poster (which you can see to the right) had been floating around the Cannes Film Festival where, I imagine, one or all of the whopping 12 producers were trying to sell off international rights to a world that's probably just as sick of this girl as we are.

Essentially, we're looking at Private Benjamin 2 here ... except no one's going to come right out and say that Major Movie Star was "inspired" by the 1980 comedy starring Goldie Hawn. Simpson will play a pampered movie star who decides to enlist in the military in order to prove to a producer and a studio that she's the right gal for an upcoming military-themed picture. As previously mentioned, there are currently 12 producers circling the project, which has been in development for five years now. The original script was penned by April Blair (and I can see how 12 producers would probably equal five years worth of notes), and shooting is set to begin next month in Louisiana. Miner, who's known more for his horror flicks, just wrapped Day of the Dead for Millennium and, now, is probably gearing himself up to work with the worst zombie of them all.

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