One of the things that first struck me about Julie Delpy was that her soft beauty masked a snarky, conversing bite. At the time, I thought it was the creation of Richard Linklater's Celine that did it, but considering the fact that both Ethan Hawke and Delpy helped pen both films, it's obvious that some of it is pure Julie. The actress recently sat down for an interview with Ryan Gilbey for The Guardian, and the smoke and snark were amped to the max, making for a pretty entertaining interview.

Obviously, someone with her spunk is not the type to take kindly to objectification: "I hate being a male fantasy. So many times I've been in a room pitching some movie to the financiers, and they're blatantly just staring at my legs." I can only imagine what her reaction to these situations is, as she explains what she did when auditioning for Krzysztof Kieslowski's The Double Life of Veronique (before the days of White). "He asked me to do a sexy gesture. That really bothered me, so I did this..." The action: sticking her tongue out and tugging on her earlobes. Ah, Julie, I love you!

All of the sass talk then flowed into discussion of her current film, 2 Days in Paris, which Erik Davis said in his review: "if you're not wiping off tears of laughter and heartache by the time the end credits roll ... well, then you're simply not human." A number of people have noted the film's similarities to Woody Allen, but in true Delpy fashion, she cites another source: "I love Woody, but I never tried to make a film like him. What really inspired me was Jaws -- but instead of the shark, the threat to Jack comes from all these virile French guys. He's under attack." Gilbey describes it as "a rather worrying motif of castration and dismemberment." Bah. If he finds that worrying, I can only imagine what he'll say about The Countess, where Delpy will play the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory in the film, the noblewoman/serial killer who tortured and killed dozens of girls and young women.
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