News has slowly been increasing on the upcoming American Girl production. To recap: American Girl is a series of dolls that have been around for a while and embody certain historical periods and backgrounds. The dolls are pretty high-end, and come with clothing packages, books and even furniture to make the experience complete. One of them, Kit Kittredge, a Patriotic little girl from WWII, is now getting her stab at a feature film. In February, she was coming to the screen by way of HBO, and in April, Little Miss Sunshine'sAbigail Breslin was cast to star.

Now there's a new company and the rest of the main cast all signed in. The feature, now called Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery, is now in the hands of New Line and Picturehouse, to be directed by Mansfield Park helmer Patricia Rozema. I'm not so sure where the mystery comes in, as reports say that the film will focus on her growing up during the beginning of the Great Depression -- is it from one of the books? Variety has reported that Madison Davenport has signed on to play Kit's best friend, and a trip over to IMDb shows that they've pulled together a pretty decent cast for the film. Actually not "pretty" but "really." Since the movie is currently filming here in Toronto (because the city is just so darned American, I guess), I'm tempted to go hunt them down, as the names include: Joan Cusack, Stanley Tucci, Chris O'Donnell, Julia Ormond, Wallace Shawn, Jane Krakowski, Glenne Headly and Tideland wonderkid Jodelle Ferland, who will play Kit's friend, Ruthie. They've also got some cute unknowns lined up as well -- the official website is already up and showing some of the kid's auditions.
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