She was born in Katy, Texas, but her father comes from Switzerland and her mother hails from Norway. Plus, she spent quite a bit of time in Romania while filming Cold Mountain.Thus it makes perfect sense that Renée Zellweger will be attending the 42nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which will be held June 29-July 7 in the Czech Republic. She will be presenting Miss Potter, in which she starred as children's author Beatrix Potter. That film received mixed reviews, but happily the Karlovy Vary festival itself has an excellent, long-standing reputation as a place to discover new talent from Eastern Europe. The festival also includes a lovely selection of films from around the world and is known for its widely-varied retrospectives.

For example, the Shochiku Nouvelle Vague sidebar features seven films made in the early 1960s by three Japanese directors (Yoshishige Yoshida,Masahiro Shinoda,Nagisa Oshima). Shinoda is expected to attend; his Samurai Spy -- which will be screened -- is available on DVD from Criterion. Another sidebar of note is Variety Critics' Choice, in which the trade publication's film critics offer their selection of ten overlooked favorites. The films range from slasher flick to psychological drama to comedy (note the original critic/review): Dead in 3 Days(Derek Elley), Hotel Very Welcome (Derek Elley), Fissures (Robert Koehler), True North(Eddie Cockrell), Hyena (Leslie Felperin), Cold Feet (Leslie Felperin), Parting Shot (Derek Elley), The Distance (Jonathan Holland), Prague (Eddie Cockrell; also reviewed by Cinematical's Martha Fischer), Someone Else (Derek Elley). The original reviews are not all entirely positive, but good enough to make my mouth water. The full line-up of more than 200 films will be announced shortly.
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