Once again we gave y'all a photo involving folks on a bed (Ocean's Thirteen heartthrobs George Clooney, Matt Damon and Elliot Gould), but this time the captions were impressively PG-13. Nice work, and congrats to our winners below.

This week it's all about the action, and one massive prize to give away. In honor of the recent release of The Matrix Ultimate Collection in HD, we're giving away an HD player, plus the DVD trilogy, to the writer of our favorite caption for the classic Matrix photo below. Two runners up will get the collection and a perfectly valid excuse to spend $400 of you and your significant other's savings on an HD player. The DVDs may look pretty, but they ain't gonna play themselves. For those uninitiated into the world of hi-def, I'll just say, it's like being right there in the thick of the action, only a lot better because you don't get dirty or dead. You can sample an HD clip from The Matrix here on Moviefone. Good luck!

Ocean's Thirteen1. "And that, children, is how Elliot Gould became the luckiest woman in the world." -- Peter S.

2. "When I was told that Clooney wanted to 'get into bed with me' on this project, I thought he wanted me in the movie." -- Brad B.

3. "Spellbound by the 24 hour TV coverage of 'Paris Hilton in Jail,' the team totally forgot what their mission was." -- Frank T.

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The Matrix