This is one I've been looking forward to for a long time, ever since the casting was first announced, and now after a long and complex production, a trailer has arrived, courtesy of Moviefone. It looks pretty good, although I have to say I didn't expect to find myself more attracted to the action elements than the creepy parts, but that's the case. The trailer is a little too busy and fast-paced to send out a horror vibe -- it skips pretty quickly through an entire set-up with the alien arrival, the pod people acting funny, and then the body snatchers attacking poor Nicole Kidman and her kid. I think I would have preferred something more creative, like maybe one session with the psychiatrist character played by Kidman, where a patient says or does something really weird, and boom -- that's your trailer. There's still time, Warner Bros! But I can live with this one for a start.

We finally get to see and hear Daniel Craig's character do his thing here, with a quasi-American accent, no less. For some reason, I think he's going to do some good work in this film. I haven't read the script or anything, it's just a hunch -- he's not one to sign on to a project without a gameplan. As I said, the best part of the trailer, for my money, is that car chase sequence -- the one that they shot during the late period when the Wachowskis were working on the film, and where Kidman suffered a minor injury. There's a nice shot where an entire horde of body snatchers attach themselves to the car and Kidman just floors it anyway. In a month or so, I'm going to have to do what is always the hardest part of my job -- try to put down all the stuff I've heard and read about the film, and go watch it with a blank slate. The Invasion hits theaters on August 17.