And by "so-so," I mean on the higher end of things. I have to admit, I paid almost zero attention to the Bruce Almighty remake. Even with Steve Carrell, the thought of Evan Almighty did nothing to excite me. Then, I went out to see Knocked Up and saw the animal-frenzied trailer. I actually giggled and some parts seemed cute. Wonders never cease! Granted, I feared that all the cuteness was wrapped in a bow for the trailer, but maybe not. Over at AICN, a few readers have sent in their reviews of the film, and while they both recognize that this isn't some stunning, comedic achievement of family filmmaking, it seems to be smile-worthy fluff.

The biggest complaint between both reviewers -- the words behind it -- "Bottom line, the plot is silly and stupid, with obvious comedy beats throughout," and "Pretty much everything in the movie is a stereotype of what you've seen before... The script is lazy." While one would imagine words like that would be the kiss of death for the flick, that's not the case. "It doesn't really deserve the shame and derision it seems destined to get." While there are stereotypical characters and tired plot, the actors seem to make the most of their roles: "No one in this thing is really stretching themselves, but everyone plays the thing sincerely and with plenty of bonhomie and good humor."

Topping that off, the special effects are supposed to be really decent, although I have a big beef with how much they show in the trailers. (Trailer powers that be -- stop being idiots and showing the whole flipping movie!) When it comes down to it, the movie seems to be what the trailer was -- something that isn't too great, but leaves you feeling a little happy. The Rev says: "Since I saw it, I can't shake the feeling that it made me a little happy... Maybe it's just the spirit of it... You can't deny that charm and you can't help but smile from time to time." The movie will come out on June 22, so we'll soon see if they're right.