Smokin' Joe Carnahan has cranked out a new blog post on his website that gives us some movement on White Jazz, his highly-anticipated adaptation of the final book in James Ellroy's LA Quartet. Carnahan has been doing major prep on this one for a while now -- he clearly knows that its going to be a huge test of his reputation and skill -- and it looks like the pieces are falling into place. "While not official, it looks like we start shooting December 10th," the director writes. "Lot of work ahead. I want this thing tighter than a snare drum. I'm really going to endeavor to get the script up on-line. I know I say that shit all the time but there's invariably some legal nonsense that prevents its expedience. Just know that I've got guns on it."

I wouldn't bet on that, for the very legal reasons he mentions, but I'm really curious to see how this thing is going to shake out. Back when I spoke to Joe in April, he already had a clear vision of 1958 Los Angeles. "Ssomeone asked me to give a baseline description and I said 'imagine an episode of Cops shot in 1958,'" Carnahan said. "That'll be the vibe on White Jazz. I think we've kind of done the glamour-puss angle, and I think L.A. Confidential certainly did it beautifully, it was very, very kind of stylized. Which is not to say that there's not going to be, you know, a great kind of style in it, but I'm really interested more in grounding it so that it doesn't feel necessarily like this period film."

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