I'll admit that there are a lot more graphic novels I want to read than there are graphic novels that I have read ... but one that I devoured and really enjoyed was Steve Niles'30 Days of Night, which tells the story of a vampire invasion in a small arctic town ... a town that's presently stuck in (you guessed it) 30 days of night. (Such a simply cool concept if you ask me.)

Based on what I've been reading (for a while now), Sony seems intent on doing this adaptation right. They invited Niles to collaborate on the screenplay with Stuart Beattie, and then they hired Hard Candy helmer David Slade (who brought along screenwriter Brian Nelson and cinematographer Jo Willems). OK, so I'm not the biggest Josh Hartnett fan in the world, but you could do worse for an action/horror flick, I suppose. (The supporting cast includes Melissa George, Ben Foster and Danny Huston, so that's cool.) Plus this brand-new trailer is the kicker: I officially can't wait to see this particular flick.

If 30 Days of Night is even half as cool as I'm (obviously) hoping it will be, it'll mark the very first Ghost House production I can get behind. My apologies to fans of Boogeyman, The Grudge 2 and The Messengers, but I've come to expect better than that from a guy like Sam Raimi. (And don't even get me started on Rise: Blood Hunter.) 30 Days of Night opens on October 19.

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