In 2005, A.J. Jacobs released a book called The Know-It-All. The book was part memoir and part Cliff's Notes as Jacobs read through, from beginning to end, the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica -- basically a run-down of his reading with commentary. That format worked well enough for him, so where do you go after ripping through the popular leather-bound series on history? The bible, of course. This October, he's releasing The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. Months before it hits the stands, Paramount and Plan B are working on a feature adaptation.

Jay Reiss is adapting the screenplay and the company has tapped Julian Farino to helm the movie. The director has made a name for himself recently with a number of television stints, heading episodes for Sex and the City, The Office, Big Love and a bunch for Entourage. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information about the project, especially since the book hasn't been released yet. However, Jacobs forays into immersing himself in the Old and New Testament have been mentioned on his and other sites. Jacobs says: "This new book will be a diary of my life as I try to obey the Bible as literally as possible. Not just the famous prescriptions, such as the Ten Commandments, turn the other cheek and the Golden Rule. But the less publicized rules as well: not trimming my beard," which you can see to the right, "stoning adulterers, and bathing after sex, to name a few." I see this going one of two ways. Hollywood either makes this into a total farce that flops, or this could be a really funny social satire, as the writer also says that the book is "an exploration of what is good about the Bible and what is of debatable relevance to modern times." Are there any Biblical elements you're ready to see him live out?
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