Stephen King sure isn't shy about trashing some of the flicks that have been made from his stories. It's been pretty well-documented that he wasn't a big fan of Kubrick's rather liberal adaptation of The Shining ... so obviously the author is a pretty tough guy to please. So it must come as a relief to director Mikael Hafstrom to learn that The Horror King really dug his adaptation of 1408.

The haunted hotel thriller (which stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, a cool duo if ever there was one) hits theaters later this month, but Mr. Hafstrom informed that Stephen King really likes the movie: "King was very pleased with the film, I'm happy to say. When you are adapting an author, especially one who has been around like he has, it's very important that he approves. Even though the film contains more story, we are true to heart and soul of the short story." The author also doled out some specific praise for Cusack's performance.

Someone could write a really amusing book about the films made from the books and short stories of Stephen King. On one end of the scale you'd have The Shawshank Redemption, The Dead Zone and Carrie, but on the other end ... yikes. Stuff like The Mangler, Maximum Overdrive (which King directed himself!) and The Lawnmower Man. (Plus, what the hell was up with Dreamcatcher??) And out of respect for the author, I won't even get in to all the Children of the Corn sequels.

Coming Soon: Frank Darabont's take on King's awesomely spooky tale The Mist!
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