I've put the question mark in the title to indicate this post is in more of the "wishful thinking" category than an expression of actual, confirmed fact. Still, its fun to speculate and wish for things to happen. Believe me, if wishing made it so (and I had my way) we would see a steady stream of Battlestar Galactica movies produced every couple years like Bond films. Although, its not like there haven't been rumors and reports about feature film versions of the series before. Still, nothing concrete or completely reliable has emerged and now, according to IESB, we might finally know one of the major reasons a BattlestarGalactica movie isn't going full speed ahead yet.

According to the site, TV series Exec. Producers Ron Moore and David Eick are excited about the prospect of a feature film version of their TV show and really want to make it happen. In fact, they've spoken about it on numerous occasions -- most recently at the big Battlestarevent held last week in Los Angeles. So, if they want it to happen, what's standing in the way? Well, according to the article, one of the major hurdles, other than actual funding, is original Battlestar Galactica series creator Glen A. Larson who holds the feature film rights to the series.

Unfortunately for those of us who might wish for a feature film, Larson has made no secret that he's not a huge fan of the re-imagined series produced by Moore and Eick. Plus, Larson has always maintained that he would eventually produce a feature film based on his original series and its characters. So, if they want to bring a feature film version of their Battlestar series to the big screen, the first thing Moore and Eick are going to have to do is play nice with Larson and convince him its a good idea. Until then, we'll just have to be content with watching one of the best shows ever to appear on television. Which, if you think about it, really isn't all that bad.
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