First, there was the growing, incessant Grindhouse buzz. Then, the film came out and the numbers weren't all that the Brothers Weinstein and the filmmakers were hoping for. How should they fix the dilemma? First, the idea was batted around to re-release each feature stateside, and hope for better numbers. That was abandoned, but then Cannes got a partial serving of Grindhouse -- Quentin Tarantino'sDeath Proof on its festival platter. James Rocchi said it was the same feature, with lots of added "jibber jabber." (Could the film really hold any more?!) The Terror end of things slipped into the shadows. Now with the theater experience all said and done, attention has turned towards the DVD release, and plans are still annoyingly split.

Bloody-Disgusting has posted that Death Proofis getting released on September 18, with absolutely no word about Robert Rodriguez'sPlanet Terror. Assuming that the failure of the film is its length, why cut it on DVD? There's these great features called pause and stop, and these days, you can even turn your player off and have it start up where you left off just by hitting the "on" switch. What fan will want to buy two separate DVDs (and which disc would get the trailers?!), and have to switch discs just to try and recreate the experience? Yeah, there's the whole money angle, but I bet that the people itching to add Grindhouse to their collections aren't going to want them separated.

Besides, why in the world did Planet Terror fade away so easily? It was a wonderful, ridiculously fun homage -- one that Nick Schager called the victor of the two films -- and it's getting treated like chopped liver. Most of the people I talked with and reviews I read seemed to agree that it was the more enjoyable of the two, so what's the deal? It's annoying to have them split on DVD, but it's even worse to have the machine-gun-legged, bloody, maniacally wonderful serving wiped off the plate.