Of all the movies I've covered for Killer B's on DVD, this is the first one that had me muttering "oh boy, oh boy, oh boy" when it arrived in the mail. Blood Flood is a double-sided triple feature of grindhouse era horror flicks from Retromedia and Image Entertainment. The disk is hosted by Morella, a buxom Elvira wannabe who makes the Mistress of Dark's humor seem downright highbrow. While I think the idea of creating a modern horror host in the tradition of Vampira, Ghoulardi and Commander USA has some merit, Morella's shtick is painfully unfunny, and her segments are best skipped over. The films are a mixed bag with 1968's House of Evil being one of the last and least interesting films of Boris Karloff's career, and Andy Milligan's Guru the Mad Monk from 1970 providing a modest but notable amount of entertainment. 1974's Grave of the Vampire (which was also released under the title Seed of Terror) is what got me so excited, it being a personal favorite that until now was only available in a washed-out, fuzzy fullscreen presentation from Alpha Video.

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