Fans of the Fox show Prison Break will be happy to know that Amaury Nolasco (who played Michael's cell mate Fernando Sucre) is beginning to line up some decent big-screen gigs. Apart from playing a role in Transformers, Nolasco has just signed on to the Keanu Reeves flick Night Watch, so says Variety. No word yet on who he's playing, but he may have snatched up the role that was originally rumored to be in Kevin Federline's hands. Not long ago, we reported that K-Fed had also been tapped to play a "small, but notable" role in the cop thriller, but folks from Fox Searchlight later denied those rumors, suggesting that K-Fed was considered but, ultimately, his schedule wouldn't allow him to take part in the action. His schedule? What the heck does this guy have to do -- shoot a shoe commercial?

Anyway, Night Watch was written and will be directed by David Ayer (Harsh Times), and the film will center on a veteran LAPD cop (Reeves) who is framed by his former mentor (Forest Whitaker) in the murder of a fellow officer. James Ellroy chipped in with a story credit, while the pic also stars Chris Evans,Naomie Harris, Hugh Laurie, Common and Jay Mohr. I'm a big fan of Prison Break (as cheesy and cliched as it is) and dig Nolasco as an actor. Since I lost the final six episodes of last season when I switched to an HD DVR, I'm not sure whether Sucre lived or not. When I left off, he was running through a desert (I think), trying to find the girl that got away. (Man, what some people will do for love.) Not that I want you to tell me what happened; I just felt you should know. Why? Because it gives me more to write. Night Watch is due out in 2008 -- here's hoping Ayer (who I interviewed this past fall) finds success with his sophomore directorial effort after Harsh Times failed to find much of an audience, despite a fantabulous performance from Christian Bale.

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