What looks to be the only successful horror franchise at the moment (box office wise) has apparently just wrapped production on its latest entry, and entered the editing phase. Over on his MySpace blog, director Darren Lynn Bousman proclaims, "Saw IV shot - and onto editing!!! HELL YEAH!!!!" Based on all the capital letters and exclamation points, I take it the dude is just a tad excited about the whole thing. And why wouldn't he be? After helping kick-start this whole "torture phase" that the horror genre has been in as of late, it's the only franchise still alive and capable of making a killing at the box office. So much so that most horror flicks now have to steer clear of Halloween (the holiday) because they're afraid Saw (insert number here) will demolish them. Could this be why Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween is coming out on, um, August 31? Probably.

Not only are the films successful, but they're also pretty good ... according to those friends of mine who actually had the guts to sit through Saw II and Saw III. That's right, after enjoying the original, I stayed away from the sequels because I'm not crazy about throwing up after I watch a film. I know, I'm a sissy -- blame my parents. Anyway, they're successful, they're entertaining and the filmmakers are somehow able to shoot and edit these suckers faster than it takes to figure out the plot of the previous installment. Written by Project Greenlight boys Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Feast), Saw IV will have something to do with the serial killer Jigsaw screwing with people who are locked in a room. (Although I haven't seen the last two flicks, I speculate that plot description is right on.) Saw IV is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 26.

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