John Katzenbach's words are not new to the world of cinema. Three of his novels have already been adapted. In 1985, there was the Kurt Russell/Mariel Hemingway thriller The Mean Season, in 1995, Laurence Fishburne and Sean Connery were hunting for Just Cause and finally, in 2002, Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell were embroiled in Hart's War. Each sits roughly at a 6 on IMDb's user rating -- general movie fare that entertains but doesn't wow. However, I'm wondering if the latest attempt will bring wows as well as chills -- Cinema Seven and Elliott Kastner have picked up his thriller, The Madman's Tale.

The movie will be helmed by Like Minds director Gregory Read, and the project will mark the first time that Katzenbach will adapt his work. I would imagine that the project won't be too difficult for the writer, considering the fact that the Book Reporter says: "He can do more to establish an atmosphere of unease in a single paragraph than many writers can do in entire pages or chapters." The book is about Francis Petrel, a troubled man who was confined in a mental institution years ago. Years later, while living a heavily-medicated life, he's invited to the now-closed hospital for a symposium before they raze it. The visit sparks his memory and he not only remembers his days there, but the rape and murder of one of the nurses. Have any of you read it, and do you think it will make a good flick?
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