In January, Ryan Stewart posted about Salma Hayek's latest cinematic stint -- producing and starring in a Spanish-language romcom, very reminiscent of The Wedding Singer, called La Banda. The film was being written and directed by Issa López. (Whose last film, Charm School, grossed a decent $7 million in Mexico earlier this year.) It was supposed to start filming any time now, but production has started today in Mexico on López's next project -- a comedy called Casi Divas - aka - Road to Fame -- from Columbia Pictures' Producciones Mexico. Perhaps production on Banda was pushed until later this summer, but I'm not sure how Hayek will fit it into her Ugly Betty schedule.

Road to Fame started as an idea from Sony exec Ignacio Darnaude (although no word on the screenwriter is mentioned in Variety), and is being produced by Luz María Rojas, whose previous projects include Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Mask of Zorro. The story is about four women itching for fame who get caught up in the frenzy of a nation-wide talent search for a producer's next big film -- although his hot-and-cold lover is expected to nab the role. At least it isn't about reality television casting, which I consider to be a plus. They've pulled together a decent cast for the film as well: Patricia Llaca (Beat), Julio Bracho (Original Sin), Maya Zapata (The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada), Ana Layevska, Diana Garcia (which one, I've no idea) and Daniela Schmidt (Sea of Dreams). While no release date is mentioned, they've already signed Sony Pictures to distribute.
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