You might remember long ago, way back in that old year of 2005, when Cinematical first wrote about the Kurt Cobain documentary in the works -- the one that would use hours of audio interviews with the music icon that band biographer Michael Azzerad had recorded. Now the film, which is called Kurt Cobain: About a Son, has been traveling the festival circuits and getting decent reviews. While there has been no word on a regular theatrical run or DVD release, the Documentary Blog has recently posted a YouTube link showing a clip of the film.

The clip shows Cobain talking about how he's "pissed off at everything, in general." While he describes that his songs are his battle with the things that anger him, the doc shows subdued pictures of a ferry, water, sunset and other calm scenes -- a pretty noticeable juxtaposition with the anger the Nirvana frontman is talking about. So, basically, if you love the man, you'll want to see this to hear him speak -- but it doesn't look like you can expect much more than his words and a beautiful slide show. It's his words matched with visuals, rather than his words matched with contextual images of his life and the things he is talking about. I imagine this is one of those love or hate sort of films, and hopefully we'll get a chance to see soon enough. In the meantime, you might want to check out the doc's soundtrack -- it's a pretty funk melange of music featuring tunes from Bad Brains, Arlo Guthrie, David Bowie and more.
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