Here's another true story that was just screaming to be a movie: Frank Gildea returns to college twenty years after dropping out, joins his son Isaac on the school's basketball team and helps to win the team's first conference championship in 27 years. It sounds so cinematically appropriate you'd almost think the father and son had Hollywood in mind when making their life choices. Whatever the intentions, the duo has apparently sold the rights to their story to Walden Media (Amazing Grace), which will be producing, along with Mayhem Pictures, for 20th Century Fox. Brad Gann, who wrote the similarly against-the-odds sports movie Invincible, is currently at work on the screenplay.

If the story does seem a little familiar, you have probably seen one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures, Back to School. In that comedy Rodney Dangerfield plays a man who enrolls in the college that his son attends and the two end up on the diving team together. The only real difference is that, unlike Dangerfield's character, Frank Gildea had already been to college. Oh, and basketball is typically more cinematic than diving. But really this movie isn't likely to be too comparable with Back to School. In its tone and in its demographic interests, it should share more in common with The Rookie, which features Dennis Quaid as a middle-aged man who returns to a career in minor league baseball. That film was also produced by Mayhem Pictures, which also made Invincible and Miracleand is currently at work on a Secretariat movie.
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