Real life husband and wife Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany have signed on to star in the psychological thriller Born, which will be directed by Daniel Simpson and produced by Guillermo del Toro, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin and Clive Barker, in an exec producer role. I love it when a married couple decide to play opposite one another on the big screen, especially as lovers because it adds an extra layer of "real" to the whole thing. I just wish it wasn't Connelly; I've had a crush on her my entire life (probably the only reason I watched Career Opportunities more than ten times) and at one point was convinced she was waiting for me to get just a tad older before finally making her movie. Nevertheless, Bettany got there first. Damn him.

In the pic, both will play a married couple who are looking to settle down in a nice English town to raise a family. However, all hell breaks loose when Wallace and Gromit show up to wreak havoc. Okay, it's not exactly Wallace and Gromit, but Bettany's character is a claymation artist, and when his characters begin to act out a nightmare that actually comes to life, then that's when -- as they say -- the plot thickens. Simpson, who will make his directorial debut on Born after helming two shorts (one of which utilized claymation), wrote the script along with Barker and Paul Kaye. It will also mark the first project for the Los Angeles-based finance and production shingle ClearVision Media Production Group. Personally, I think it will be wild to watch live-action fused with creepy claymation -- I imagine not many feature films have explored that territory yet. Currently, there's no word on a production or release schedule; del Toro, Gordon and Levin are also hard at work on Hellboy II.

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